30 Pcs Home Safety Starter Pack


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30 Pcs Home Safety Starter Pack

Introducing our 30 Pcs Home Safety Starter Pack – your complete solution for a child-safe home.
This set includes:

essential items to prevent accidents and protect your little ones.

Set features:

12 Pocket Socket Covers, 8 Corner Cushions, 6 Cupboard/Drawer Locks, 1 Fridge/Freezer Lock, 1 Toilet Seat Lock, 1 Door Stopper, and 1 Multi-Purpose Latch.

Pocket Socket Covers keep fingers and objects out of electrical sockets, while Corner Cushions safeguard against sharp edges. Cupboard and Drawer Locks secure hazardous items like cleaning products. The Fridge/Freezer Lock ensures no access to harmful substances, and the Toilet Seat Lock prevents accidents there. The Door Stopper prevents finger trapping, and the Multi-Purpose Latch secures various objects.
The purpose of a Home Safety Starter Pack is to provide homeowners with a convenient and cost-effective way to improve the safety and security of their living environment. By bundling together multiple safety products into one package, these starter packs make it easier for individuals to implement comprehensive safety measures throughout their home.
With our 30-piece pack, your home becomes a safe haven for your kids. Don’t hesitate – make your home child-friendly today with this essential kit.
In conclusion, our 30-piece Home Safety Starter Pack provides peace of mind by offering comprehensive protection for your little ones. With essential items like socket covers, corner cushions, locks, and latches, you can create a safe environment where accidents are minimized. Invest in the safety of your home and children today with our all-in-one solution. – 39K-26


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