3D Moon Lamp Humidifier


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3D Moon Lamp Humidifier
Introducing the 3D Moon Lamp Humidifier, a multifunctional marvel that combines elegant design with practical utility.
Experience the perfect combination of functionality and style with our 3D Moon Lamp Humidifier! This lamp is ideal for space lovers or anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their home. Our moonlight night light doubles as a large capacity humidifier, promoting healthy skin and quality sleep.
Crafted with innovative printing technology, our lamp boasts a realistic, moon-like appearance complete with craters and pockmarks that emit a soft, white glow – just like the moon! Our lamp is made from non-toxic, odorless, food-grade PLA material, making it safe for children and adults alike.
Our Moon Lamp Humidifier is easy to operate with a touch button that lets you change the color between white and yellow and adjust the brightness.


3D Moon Design: Crafted with precision to replicate the mesmerizing beauty of the moon’s surface, adding a touch of celestial charm to any space.
Dual Functionality: Functions as both a decorative lamp and a practical humidifier, combining elegance with utility for enhanced ambiance and air quality.
Adjustable Brightness: Furthermore, Offers adjustable brightness settings to customize the lighting according to mood and preference, creating the perfect ambiance for relaxation or work.
Whisper-Quiet Operation: Additionally, operates with minimal noise, ensuring a peaceful and undisturbed environment for sleep, work, or relaxation.
Multiple Size Options: Available in various sizes, including small, medium, and large, to accommodate different room sizes and aesthetic preferences.
Aromatherapy Compatible: Additionally, Compatible with essential oils, allowing users to enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy while moisturizing the air, promoting relaxation and well-being.
Easy to Use: Above all, User-friendly design with simple controls, making it effortless to operate and adjust settings to suit individual preferences.


Material: High-quality ABS plastic
Power Input: DC 5V
Power Consumption: 2W
Water Tank Capacity: 200ml
Size Options: Small (8cm diameter), Medium (10cm diameter), Large (15cm diameter)
Light Source: LED
Color Options: White, Warm White
Noise Level: <30dB
Operating Time: Up to 6 hours (depending on mist output setting)
Auto-Off Timer: 4 hours
Package Includes: Moon Lamp Humidifier, USB cable, User Manual

Moreover, our lamp is compact and versatile, making it a perfect addition to any room in the house, including your child’s bedroom, night table, or in-home office desk. With a diameter of 13CM (Optional), our 3D Moon Lamp Humidifier is perfect for any space.
Order now and experience the magic of the moon in your home! Add a touch of enchantment to your surroundings while enjoying the health benefits of our large capacity humidifier. Get your Moon Lamp Humidifier today! – 20-6


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