Bluetooth Car FM Modulator Carb 3


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Bluetooth Car FM Modulator Carb 3
Introducing the Bluetooth Car FM Modulator Carb 3, your ultimate driving companion for seamless audio streaming and hands-free calling in your vehicle. Revolutionize your car’s audio system with this cutting-edge device designed to enhance your driving experience.
Product Features:

Bluetooth Connectivity: Effortlessly connect your smartphone or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to the FM modulator for wireless audio streaming. Say goodbye to messy cables and enjoy a clutter-free dashboard.
FM Transmitter: Tune in to your favorite radio station and sync it with the modulator to broadcast your music or calls through your car’s stereo system. Experience crystal-clear sound quality with minimal interference.
Built-in Microphone: Stay connected while on the road with the built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Answer, reject, or redial calls with the touch of a button, ensuring safe and convenient communication while driving.
USB Charging Port: Furthermore, Keep your devices powered up on the go with the built-in USB charging port. Charge your smartphone, tablet, or other gadgets while streaming music or making calls, ensuring you never run out of battery during your journey.
LED Display: The vibrant LED display provides easy-to-read information, including FM frequency, Bluetooth connection status, and caller ID, allowing you to stay informed without distracting from the road ahead.
Compact Design: The sleek and compact design of the Bluetooth Car FM Modulator Carb 3 makes it easy to install and seamlessly integrate into any vehicle’s dashboard. Its lightweight construction ensures minimal space occupancy while maximizing functionality.


Product Type: Bluetooth Car FM Modulator
Color: Black
Size: Compact and portable
Usage: Enhance your driving experience with wireless audio streaming and hands-free calling
Service: Transform your car’s audio system into a modern entertainment hub with seamless connectivity

Experience the future of in-car technology today! – CA-4078


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