Dummy IR Camera With Led Light


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Dummy IR Camera
StreetWise Realistic Looking Dummy Surveillance Camera & Mounting Kit SilverItem
Here is a brand new, in original retail packaging Street Wise Realistic looking Dummy Surveillance Camera. No, you can deter robbery, theft, vandalism ect., without the high cost of a real security camera. This is an actual security camera shell, without the expensive electronics inside, that make home security cameras very expensive. When placed in your home or business this dummy camera would make even the most sophisticated criminals think twice, and look for an easier target then your home. The shell is made of durable lightweight plastic which is both light and rustproof. It has 30 infrared LED lights that mimic those used in high-end surveillance cameras to create night vision. A flashing red LED light on the front of the camera draws extra attention to the camera.

Motion detection sensor
No motorized pan movement
Activation light
Realistic appearance
No wiring needed
30 Infrared LED lights that mimic those of professional camera
Powered by 2 AA batteries (not included)

Package includes:
Dummy Camera
Mounting Kit
Stainless Steel Screws – 2-34


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