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Point and Paint

Our DIY painting solution lets you paint an entire room in less than an hour, with no masking or taping needed. Our easy-to-use, no-tape system lets you glide and paint along with moldings and fixtures, and get into corners with no hassle.
With Point and Paint, you can save time and effort while achieving professional-looking results. Our innovative paint roller system is designed to hold five times more paint than any conventional roller head, allowing you to paint larger areas without stopping to reload. The pad works great on any surface, textured or smooth.
Our painting tool comes with one large paintbrush, one miniature painter, one painting tray, one large pad, and one small pad, so you have everything you need to get started. It works with any pole, making it ideal for painting hard-to-reach places and ceilings.
With Point and Paint’s revolutionary no-drip design, you can keep paint off the floors and on the walls. Make circles around fixtures, paint zips, and glide perfectly along corners and moldings with ease.
Say goodbye to messy and time-consuming painting projects and hello to Point and Paint, the ultimate DIY painting solution! – 29BB-90


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