Slow Feed Large Dog Bowls


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Slow Feed Large Dog Bowls
If you have a speedy eater in your home, this is the dog bowl for you. It slows down eating up to 10 times with its intricate mazes, rows, and ridges.

Slower eating makes mealtime last longer, improves digestion and, of course, improves their table manners too.
With a slip-resistant base-food spillage is prevented.
With other fancy features like being dishwasher safe, BPA, PVA & Phthalate-free, there?s absolutely NO reason not to spoil your dog and your kitchen with this dog feeder.


Promotes fun, healthy eating for medium and large dogs
Meal lengthening ridges and valleys for up to 10 x slower eating
Made with high-quality, food-safe ABS plastic
With a non-slip base to hold the feeder in place
BPA (bisphenol A), PVC (polymerizing vinyl chloride) & Phthalate free
Top-rack dishwasher safe
Holds up to 4 cups of dog kibble
28 cm in diameter

? – 39-138


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