Sock Laundry Organizer


Creative Sock Laundry Organizer for your baby, and other family members.

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Sock Laundry Organizer
This hanging storage accessory fits the days dirty socks between adjustable sliders. Once the Sock hanger string is filled up, remove the hanger and toss the entire thing in the washer & dryer. When it comes out, hang it inthe closet withall the clean socks, already matched and ready to go.Unique two-in-one accessory saves lost socksnever separate.

Foot-shaped hanger fits in a closet or over the doorknob
3 easy steps; fun for kids to keep laundry neat
For storing & washing adult, kid, & baby socks
Cool Organizer; No folding or matching clean socks
It saves space, eliminates the need for a sock drawer
Material: ABS+Polypropylene


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