Touch Intelligent Electric Water Pump


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Touch Intelligent Electric Water Pump

One-touch design: In the era of touch, drinking water is also very elegant. Double-tap to start, mouthwash, and then touch to stop. Smarter calculations to prevent accidental contact

High compatibility design: One machine is multi-purpose, easy to match with mainstream bottled water on the market. There is no need to carry a barreled sailor on a drinking fountain, even petite girls can easily use it. When the container is replaced, the growth of bacteria or secondary contamination can also be avoided.
3L / min fast water design: no water in the water dispenser can prevent the growth of bacteria. But every time water is used, the powerful motor responds quickly, sucking and drinking water without worries.
USB charging design: After charging for 3 hours, it is equivalent to 18.9L bottled water commonly used in 7 large barrels on the market, which can meet your long-term use. There is also a reminder light function. When the power is insufficient, the red light will remind you. There is no need to worry about the lack of electricity during use, which will affect the drinking demand.

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