Vacuum Food Sealer


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Vacuum Food Sealer
Keep your fresh produce fresh and healthy for longer withVacuum Food Sealer.
Product Features:

Airtight vacuum food sealer
Material: BPA-free elastomer – durable and leak-proof
Seals to your own bowls, plates, skillets, and more
Keeps food fresher up to 3 x longer
Fridge, freezer, microwave, and dishwasher safe
Insulates to keep meals warm
Prepare food in advance, seal, stack & store in the fridge or freezer
Makes meals easily transportable
Powerful vacuum opens pores in meat, drawing in flavor to marinate in minutes
Built-in Date-Dial allows you to track the freshness of your food
Saves money on food wastage and food storage containers/bags
Ideal for use in the care sector in care homes and nursing homes – 35-31


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