16 x 52 Monocular Telescope with Bag For Outdoor Sport Camping


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16 x 52 Monocular Telescope with Bag For Outdoor Sport Camping
Introducing the 16 x 52 Monocular Telescope with Bag For Outdoor Sport Camping , your ultimate companion for outdoor adventures and sporting activities. This high-quality monocular telescope is designed to provide crisp, clear images while you explore the great outdoors.
Key Features:
To start, the telescope boasts a Compact and Lightweight Design, ensuring easy portability without adding extra bulk to your gear. Its portability makes it an ideal companion for all your outdoor escapades.
These features provide sharp and crystal-clear images, capturing the essence of your surroundings.
Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry in your pocket or backpack, ensuring that you can always have it on hand when you need it most. The included carrying bag provides added protection during transportation and storage, keeping your telescope safe from scratches and damage.
The telescope provides a Wide Field of View, spanning an impressive 66m/8000m range, ensuring you capture stunning details and never miss a captivating moment.
Enhancing image clarity and brightness, the telescope incorporates the BaK4 Prism Category, elevating your viewing experience.
For a comfortable viewing experience during extended periods, the telescope features an exit pupil diameter of 3mm and exit pupil distance of 10.5mm.
Even in challenging lighting conditions, the telescope excels in delivering vivid images with a 52mm object lens diameter.
Measuring just 148 x 50 x 42 mm (LDD) in dimensions, the telescope is easy to store and handle during your outdoor adventures.
Equipped with a hand strap, the telescope ensures convenient carrying, allowing you to explore nature effortlessly.

Explore distant worlds with ease using the 16 x 52 Monocular Telescope. Perfect for outdoor adventures!

Unleash Your Adventure:
Elevate your Outdoor Sport Camping experience and capture the essence of the great outdoors with this remarkable monocular. – 27-6


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