2 in 1 Anti Snoring and Air Purifier


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2 in 1 Anti Snoring and Air Purifier

Introducing the innovative 2 in 1 Anti Snoring and Air Purifier, the ultimate solution for a peaceful night’s sleep and improved air quality in your home.
Breathe easy and sleep soundly with our Anti Snoring and Air Purifier! This innovative device filters harmful gases and dust from the air, helping to alleviate asthma and other respiratory issues.
Designed for comfort and convenience, this device is easy to wear and take down. Simply push it tightly into your nostril for an effective and comfortable fit. The soft, comfortable silicone material forms a perfect seal without the need for straps, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit throughout the night.
In addition to its air purifying benefits, this device also effectively relieves snoring, improving the quality of your sleep. It may take some time to get used to breathing with the device, but with patience and practice, you’ll soon experience the benefits of uninterrupted, restful sleep.
Measuring just 5x2x3cm and available in a sleek blue color, it comes packaged in a convenient PP storage box, making it a great gift for anyone looking to improve their sleep and respiratory health.
Upgrade your sleep and breathe easy with our 2 in 1 Anti Snoring and Air Purifier!


Size : 5x2x3cm
Color : Blue
Package :PP storage box
Package : 1 X Anti Snoring Device, with original gift box, PP box package – 35-70


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