2 in 1 Solar Sensor Lamp


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2 in 1Solar Sensor Lamp

The 2 in 1 Solar Sensor Lamp is designed to keep your home safe and secure from intruders. It features 77 bright LEDs that are activated by motion, along with a sleek low-profile design and a realistic fake security camera. The lamp offers 3 lighting modes, including a low light mode at night, high light mode when motion is detected, and an intense lighting mode that lasts up to 40 hours in low light mode. An additional solar panel makes for easy installation without cables and helps to absorb solar energy under sunlight, making it an environmentally friendly and energy-saving solution.
The lamp also has a long battery life, with a 2600mAh battery that can offer up to 40 hours of low light usage time. It comes equipped with a built-in PIR motion sensor that automatically turns on the light when motion is detected at a distance of 10-30ft, with a range of 120 degrees at night. This makes it ideal for use in your garden, yard, lawn, patio, garage, terrace, or any outdoor area.
The lamp is adjustable and easy to install, with a 5-axis rotation that allows you to adjust the optimum lighting angle and solar panel angle with ease. It is also waterproof with an IP66 rating, making it ideal for outdoor use. It is recommended to install the floodlight in a place where the light gets direct sunlight without shelter. In cases where there is no good sunshine or in winter, more time may be needed for charging. – 2-15


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