4 COB LED Night Light Switch Wall Lamp Battery Operated


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4 COB LED Night Light Switch Wall Lamp Battery Operated
Introducing the 4 COB LED Night Light Switch Wall Lamp Battery Operated – your versatile lighting solution for any space!
Illuminate your surroundings with ease using this innovative night light switch. Featuring advanced COB LED technology, this wall lamp emits a powerful yet energy-efficient glow, providing you with ample illumination wherever you need it.
With its battery-operated design, this night light switch offers unparalleled convenience. No need to worry about finding a nearby outlet or dealing with tangled cords – simply mount it on any wall surface using the adhesive backing or screws provided, and you’re good to go!
The sleek and compact design of this wall lamp makes it perfect for use in various settings. Whether you need a reliable light source for your bedroom, hallway, closet, or any other area, this night light switch is up to the task.
Plus, its easy-to-use switch allows you to effortlessly toggle the light on and off whenever needed, putting control at your fingertips.
Available in a neutral white color, this wall lamp seamlessly blends into any decor style, adding a touch of modern elegance to your space.
Don’t let darkness hold you back – brighten up your surroundings with the COB LED Night Light Switch Wall Lamp Battery Operated today!

Advanced COB LED Technology: Ensures powerful yet energy-efficient illumination.
Battery Operated: Offers unmatched convenience with no need for outlets or cords.
Easy Installation: Mounts effortlessly on any wall surface using adhesive backing or screws.
Compact and Sleek Design: Perfect for various settings, from bedrooms to hallways.
Convenient Switch: Allows for easy toggling of light with a simple press.
Neutral White Color: Blends seamlessly with any decor style for a modern look.


Light Source: COB LED
Power Source: Battery Operated
Color: White
Mounting: Adhesive backing or screws
Dimensions: Compact and space-saving
Usage: Ideal for bedrooms, hallways, closets, and more
Switch Type: Easy-to-use toggle switch – NL-5278


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