5 LED Auxiliary Clip Magnifier AC/DC Interchangeable


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5 LED Auxiliary Clip Magnifier AC/DC Interchangeable

Introducing the 5 LED Auxiliary Clip Magnifier with AC/DC Interchangeable power, the ultimate tool for precision and accuracy in any task. Equipped with 5 independent LED lights and a flexible metal tube, you can easily adjust the distance and angle of the lights to provide optimal lighting for your task.
To ensure maximum stability, the base surface is padded with a steel sheet. This feature eliminates any wobbling or movement, allowing you to work on any surface with ease.
The magnifier comes equipped with both external power (input AC100-250V, 50/60HZ and output DC4.8V,500mA) and three built-in AA batteries. This makes it versatile and convenient to use, whether you’re at home or on the go. The stretchable gears under the magnifier increase the range of visual fields, making it easier to work with smaller objects.
The adjustable support clamp is perfect for accommodating various heights and positions, giving you maximum flexibility while working. Please note that the product does not come with 3 AA batteries.

Service: Designed for both AC and DC power sources, our magnifier ensures uninterrupted functionality. The energy-efficient LED lights not only illuminate your subject with brilliant clarity but also contribute to an eco-friendly and cost-effective operation. The AC/DC interchangeable feature adds a layer of flexibility, allowing you to use it in various settings without compromise.
The 5 LED Auxiliary Clip Magnifier AC/DC Interchangeable is more than just a magnifying tool; it’s a companion for anyone who values precision, ease of use, and modern design. Elevate your visual experience with this exceptional product that transcends the boundaries of conventional magnifiers.

Upgrade your precision and accuracy with this product. It is the perfect tool for any task that requires detailed work. Order yours today! – 27-7


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