Acne Pore Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Remover


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Acne Pore Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Remover
Say goodbye to pesky blackheads and clogged pores with our Acne Pore Vacuum Cleaner Blackhead Remover. Made from safe and non-toxic ABS material, it is gentle on your skin while effectively removing dirt and impurities.
To use, start by steaming your face with a facial steamer for 5 minutes to open up your pores and make blackheads easier to remove. Then, use the blackhead remover to suck them out. Follow up with the Blu-ray to shrink your pores, and finally, use the cool sprayer for a flawless finish.
This device comes with four different beauty heads, each with a specific function to cater to your unique skin needs. Use the MICROCRYSTALLINE HEAD TIP for exfoliating dead skin, the OVAL HOLE TIP for firming
1 x Beauty Machine
4 x Beauty Head
1 x Bag of cotton filters
1 x USB Cable
1 x English User Manual – 35-61


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