Anti Theft Lock Wallet


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Anti Theft Lock Wallet
Introducing the Anti Theft Lock Wallet – your ultimate solution for safeguarding your valuables while on the go. Crafted with precision and designed for practicality, this innovative wallet offers unparalleled security and peace of mind.
All new credit and debit cards are required to have RFID chips designed to be scanned at the cash register. This makes credit and debit cards harder to counterfeit. However, it makes them vulnerable to being scanned by pocket RFID scanners.
Don’t become a victim of identity theft. Store your credit cards in an RFID blocking Lock Wallet.
Unlike, bulky and unattractive aluminum wallets, the Lock Wallet provides an attractive, lightweight, and compact way to protect your cards.
It fits into any purse or pocket. Don’t let the compact size fool you.
The Lock Wallet holds 36 cards, cash, IDs, and more. It even has a clear outer holder for your id. The secret to the Lock Wallet is the nano-thin layer of aluminum that protects your cards from RFID scanners.
Lock Wallets come in black color.

Advanced RFID Blocking: Shields your cards from digital theft, ensuring your financial security.
Combination Lock: Offers customizable security settings with a unique code for locking your belongings.
Durable Construction: Crafted with sturdy materials and reinforced seams for long-lasting use.
Compact Design: Perfectly sized for everyday use, fits easily into pockets or bags.
Tamper-Resistant: Designed to withstand tampering and slashing attempts, providing enhanced protection.
Sleek Aesthetics: Stylish black exterior with subtle accents for a sophisticated look.
Multi-Functional: Suitable for various occasions including travel, commuting, and daily activities.
Easy to Use: Simple locking mechanism for convenient access to your essentials.


Color: Black
Material: High-quality synthetic fabric
Dimensions: 4.5 inches (length) x 3.5 inches (width) x 0.5 inches (depth)
Weight: 3.5 ounces
RFID Blocking Range: 13.56 MHz
Lock Mechanism: Combination lock with customizable code
Compatibility: Fits standard-sized cards and cash

Upgrade your wallet experience with the Anti Theft Lock Wallet – where security meets style. – 29-85


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