Blue Soap Cleansing And Soothing Solution


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Blue Soap Cleansing And Soothing Solution
Introducing our Blue Soap Cleansing and Soothing Solution, specially formulated and tested to gently, safely, and effectively cleanse your fresh or mature ink. Unlike other tattoo soaps, our formula doesn’t sting, burn, or irritate sensitive tissue.
Our soap is designed to remove more dead skin cells and dirt while also serving as a good treatment for your new tattoo. It’s specifically created to gently wash and disinfect your new ink while keeping your colors safe and vibrant from day one.
During the tattoo procedure, our Cleaning and Soothing Solution helps to not only clean the skin but also soothe it and relieve pain. With more than enough soap for the care of a small or medium-sized tattoo during the healing process, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you have everything you need to keep your tattoo looking its best.


Gentle cleansing formula that effectively removes impurities and makeup without stripping the skin.
Enriched with natural botanical extracts to soothe and calm irritated skin.
Helps maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance, leaving it hydrated and refreshed.
Suitable for daily use, suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.
Delicately scented for a luxurious sensory experience.
Available in various sizes to suit individual preferences and needs.


Product Type: Cleansing and Soothing Solution
Color: Blue
Size Options: Available in multiple sizes
Skin Type: Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin
Usage: Daily cleansing and makeup removal
Fragrance: Refreshing scent
Packaging: Securely sealed bottles or containers to maintain product freshness
Ingredients: Formulated with natural botanical extracts and gentle cleansing agents
Shelf Life: Indicated on packaging, typically lasts for several months after opening
Safety: Dermatologist-tested and free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and sulfates

Our Blue Soap Cleansing and Soothing Solution is the perfect addition to your tattoo aftercare routine. Say goodbye to harsh soaps that irritate your skin and hello to a gentle and effective solution that helps your ink look its best! – BS-3960


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