Digital LCD Baby Pacifier Thermometer


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Digital LCD Baby Pacifier Thermometer

Introducing the Digital LCD Baby Pacifier Thermometer, the innovative solution for monitoring your baby’s temperature with ease and precision. This cutting-edge thermometer is designed to make the process of taking your baby’s temperature as convenient and comfortable as possible.
Featuring a sleek and compact design, this thermometer seamlessly integrates into a pacifier, ensuring that your baby won’t even notice it’s there. The soft silicone nipple is gentle on your baby’s delicate gums, providing a soothing experience while accurately measuring their temperature.
The digital LCD screen displays temperature readings clearly and accurately, allowing you to monitor your baby’s health with confidence. With its user-friendly interface, this thermometer is simple to use, making it ideal for both parents and caregivers.
Whether you’re at home or on the go, the Digital LCD Baby Pacifier Thermometer provides reliable temperature measurements whenever you need them. Say goodbye to the hassle of traditional thermometers and hello to peace of mind with this innovative device. Trust in its accuracy and convenience to help you care for your little one with ease.


Digital LCD Display: Clear and easy-to-read screen for accurate temperature readings.
Pacifier Design: Soft silicone nipple for comfortable use and minimal disruption to your baby’s routine.
Gentle on Gums: Designed to be gentle on your baby’s delicate gums for a soothing experience.
User-Friendly: Simple interface makes it easy for parents and caregivers to operate.
Compact and Portable: Convenient for use at home or on the go, ensuring you always have access to temperature readings.
Precise Measurements: Provides accurate temperature measurements for peace of mind.
Versatile: Suitable for infants and young children, offering a practical solution for temperature monitoring.


Type: Digital thermometer
Display: LCD screen
Material: Silicone nipple, plastic body
Color: Neutral, baby-friendly colors
Size: Compact and portable design
Power Source: Battery-operated (typically AAA batteries)
Temperature Range: Typically between 32°F to 42.9°F (0°C to 60°C)
Accuracy: Generally within ±0.2°F (±0.1°C)
Certifications: Often compliant with safety standards for baby products, such as FDA approval and CE certification.
Usage: Suitable for oral temperature measurement in babies and young children. – HB39-33 # 39G-24


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