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Training Mask
The Training Mask is the ultimate respiratory training device!
Training Mask will make your workout so efficient, you can actually cut the amount of time spent in training by as much as two-thirds. Simply strap it on and begin your normal workout. Within days, you’ll see the difference!
The multi-level resistance system restricts airflow through flux valves on the mask. When your body adapts to the resistance, your lungs will be trained to take deeper breaths that use oxygen more efficiently.
The Training Mask will significantly increase your endurance by conditioning your lungs and strengthening your diaphragm.

Conditions the lungs by creating pulmonary resistance
Strengthens the diaphragm
Increases surface area and elasticity in alveoli
Increases lung capacity
Increase anaerobic thresholds
Decrease workout time
Hand washable

Training Mask also will help increase your performance in various sports!

Mixed Martial Arts
Basket Ball
Anyone looking to increase lung capacity resulting in better cardio and conditioning.


Material: nylon, polypropylene – TM-01


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