HD Digital TV Antenna


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HD Digital TV Antenna
The HD Digital TV Antenna is a great way to receive over-the-air digital and high definition signals for free. It allows you to pull in free HD signals from all major networks and foreign stations without monthly cable bills. The antenna can be attached to any window, wall, door, or even on a boat, and comes with a 10 ft coaxial cable with standard connector.
The HD Clear Vision Antenna is easy to install with no tools or assembly required – simply attach it to a window or wall with the 2 suction cups and plug it into your TV. It can receive 1080p HD channels, however, the channels you receive may vary depending on your location, proper setup of the antenna, and location of HD broadcasters.
This antenna is super thin and comes with no monthly bills, making it a great choice for those looking to save money on cable bills. – 32-15


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