Heavy Duty Meat Mincer


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Heavy Duty Meat Mincer
The Heavy Duty Meat Machine is a great addition to your kitchen. Instead of buying mince from the butchery, which is sometimes mixed with meat that you are not aware of, you can make your own family perfect mince.

Easy to use and perfect for mince.
High-quality Aluminum.
Shiny Finish.
Machine to make your own delicious hamburgers, sausages, or bratwurst at home.
A fast and efficient way to process your meat.
Easy to dismantle and clean.
Hygienic and durable with wood handle.
Easy and quick to use.
Great for home and commercial use.

Item Type: Meat grinder
Total height: 24cm/9.45inch
Inlet diameter: 10cm/3.94inch
Weight: 0.75kg
Material: Aluminum alloy
Handle material: Wooden


making noodles
fill the sausage – 22-2


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