Heavy Duty Sled Workout Harness Snow Tire Pulling Strap


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Sled Pulling Strap for Running

The Acceleration Speed Cord is an essential training tool for athletes who want to optimize their acceleration and speed in all directions. It’s perfect for building explosive strength, quick-twitch agility, and overall bursts of speed, making it a must-have for sports training.
One of the advantages of our product is the solid mountaineering buckle, which ensures durability and longevity. The bidirectional arc buckles are easy to operate and provide a firm and stable grip. The widened backstrap also makes the exercise more comfortable, and the comfortable strap reduces pressure on the waist and shoulders when tightened.
The cord is designed for pulling a tire, sled, and resistance training, as well as team sports speed agility training. Partner training is also possible by attaching the strap to one end of the cord and resisting your partner.
It’s important to note that the belt does not have to cinch all the way for smaller people as most of the weight distribution is at the shoulders or abdomen when pulling. The pull strap’s unique design features one starting point that extends to two straps for added flexibility.
You’ll receive one harness and one pull strap with your purchase. Start optimizing your training potential with the Acceleration Speed Cord today!

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