Metal Detector For Jewellery Gold Coins Relics and Silver


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Unleash the adventurer in you with the Metal Detector For Jewellery Gold Coins Relics and Silver , available at Perfect Dealz , your go-to online store in South Africa.

Features That Set You on the Path of Discovery
Fully Automatic, All Metal Detectors
Experience the magic of discovery with our fully automatic metal detector. It detects all kinds of metal objects, unless you’ve set preferences for specific objects you want to avoid. The world beneath your feet is waiting to be explored!
LCD with Light for Nighttime Adventures
No more limits to your exploration! The LCD with light enhances your metal-detecting adventures, whether it’s nighttime or in the shadows. Uncover treasures even when the world around you is cloaked in darkness.
“Turn every adventure into a treasure hunt! Our Metal Detector ensures you don’t miss a thing, even in the darkest corners.”
Target Identity at Your Fingertips
The LCD display showcases detected objects, giving you the power to decide instantly if a find is worth recovering. Unearth the mystery of every beep and let the display guide you to hidden gems.
Unwanted Target Elimination
Take control of your exploration by setting the detector to ignore specific objects. No more distractions – focus on the treasures that truly captivate you.
“Your journey, your rules! Eliminate unwanted targets and delve into the world of your desired discoveries.”
Unique Tone for Target
Let the music of discovery play! A unique tone accompanies each target, so you can identify finds without constantly checking the LCD display. Search with ease, even in low-light conditions.
No Clumsy Slack Cable
Our innovative design features a hidden search coil cable, ensuring no entanglements during your exploration. Adjust the stem length effortlessly and enjoy a seamless metal-detecting experience.
Immersive Sound with Headphone Jack
Plug in and dive into a world of immersive sound. The headphone jack allows you to connect stereo or mono headphones, enhancing your metal-detecting adventure.
“Immerse yourself in the thrill of discovery. The Metal Detector offers an audio experience like no other, allowing you to hear the whispers of hidden treasures.”
Batteries Condition Indicator
Stay ahead of your adventures with the batteries condition indicator. Know when it’s time to power up and never miss a moment of exploration.
Waterproof Search Coil
Expand your horizons with the waterproof search coil. Detect treasures in shallow waters and embark on aquatic adventures with confidence.
Adjustable Stem for Comfort
Customize your detector length for comfort during prolonged use. The metal micro-plug ensures a reliable connection between the search coil and controller unit.
“Comfort meets functionality. The adjustable stem lets you tailor the detector to your preferences for an enjoyable metal-detecting experience.”
Armrest & Stem Designed for Comfort
Bid farewell to forearm strain with our thoughtfully designed armrest and stem. The nylon bracket secures the slip of the hand compartment, ensuring comfort during extended exploration.
Power-Packed with Six AA Alkaline Batteries
Fuel your discoveries with the power of six 1.5-volt AA alkaline batteries. The Metal Detector is always ready for your next adventure.
Order Your Metal Detector Today
Uncover hidden treasures and embark on a journey of discovery with the Metal Detector For Jewellery Gold Coins Relics and Silver. Order now from Perfect Dealz and turn every exploration into a thrilling adventure.
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