Mobile Phone Repair Tools Screwdrivers Set Kit


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Versatile Screwdrivers Set 2811

Introducing the versatile Screwdriver Set 2811, crafted with premium quality tool steel and durable plastic material. The anti-slip handle provides a comfortable grip, while the magnetic tips ensure that screws are held firmly in place.
This excellent tool set is suitable for both collecting and everyday use. It is compatible with a range of devices such as cell phones, computers, tablet PCs, MP3 MP4 PSP, and more.
The set comes in a compact box and includes an array of useful tools. These include a T6 hexalobular socket screwdriver, 0.8 pentalobe screwdriver, 1.2 Phillips screwdriver, 1.8 slot screwdriver, straight and curved tweezers, triangle paddle, mount bar, T4 and T5 hexalobular socket screwdrivers, 1.5 pentalobe screwdriver, 1.8 Phillips screwdriver, triangle paddle, and mount bar.
Invest in this versatile and durable Screwdriver Set 2811 for all your DIY needs.

– VS-2811


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