Non Stick Double Layer Mini Electric Egg Boiler


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Versatile Egg Boiler and Electric Frying Pan

The Versatile Egg Boiler and Electric Frying Pan is the perfect appliance for any egg lover. It features a non-stick coating for easy cooking and cleaning, and is made of durable stainless steel. With a capacity of six eggs, it’s perfect for making breakfast for the whole family in no time.
The egg cooker also includes a steaming bowl, allowing you to quickly prepare hard-boiled eggs without any hassle. Its transparent cover lets you see the status of the eggs inside without having to open the cooker, and its body heating plate ensures uniform heating with high thermal efficiency.
This multifunctional egg cooker is both stylish and convenient, with a variety of colors to choose from (yellow, blue, green, and orange). It’s also safe to use and has a long service life, making it a great investment for any kitchen. Note that it does not include a measuring cup or pin. – 39G-39


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