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Perfect Curl
The Perfect Curl is a revolutionary hair styling tool that features patented technology designed to create perfect curls quickly and easily. It has a ceramic curl chamber that smoothly creates curls without putting any tension on the hair. It takes just seconds to form a perfect curl, and an audio beep indicator reminds you exactly when to release the hair. The Perfect Curl offers three timer settings and three heat settings (190C, 210C, and 230C) for long-lasting results, as well as curl direction control for either a uniform or natural finish (right, left, auto). It is suitable for both short and long hair.
To use the Perfect Curl, ensure that your hair is dry and combed through. Plug the styler into a suitable mains socket and slide the temperature switch to the required setting. The styler is ready to use when the indicator light has stopped flashing. Choose the required setting for your hair type, and separate a section of hair that is no bigger than 3cm. Position the styler where you want the curl to start, ensuring that hair sections are kept straight and neatly placed through the center. Once the hair is in place, let go of the hair section and close the handle to allow the hair to be automatically taken into the ceramic curl chamber. The hair is softly held and heated from all directions to effortlessly form the curl. Repeat until you have the desired number of curls.
The Perfect Curl is an easy-to-use hair styling tool that offers a variety of settings to create a range of different curl styles. With its fast heat recovery, it is ready to use in seconds and is suitable for both short and long hair. It is a great tool for anyone looking to create perfect curls quickly and easily. – 35-41 # 29M-19 # 29AA-31


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