Rearview Mirror Dual Channel DVR Camera Recorder Dash Cam


Rearview Mirror Dual Channel DVR Camera Recorder Dash Cam

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Rearview Mirror Dual Channel DVR Camera Recorder Dash Cam
Introducing the Rearview Mirror Dual Channel DVR Camera Recorder Dash Cam – your reliable companion for safe and secure driving experiences. With its sleek design and advanced features, this dash cam sets itself apart from the rest.
Product Type: Dash Cam
Color: Black
Size: Compact and lightweight, designed to seamlessly blend into your car’s interior without obstructing your view.
Usage: This dual-channel dash cam is equipped with front and rear cameras, providing comprehensive coverage of your surroundings. Whether you’re commuting to work, going on a road trip, or simply running errands, this DVR camera recorder ensures you capture every moment on the road with crystal-clear clarity.

Dual Channels: Capture both the front and rear views simultaneously, offering complete protection from all angles.
High Definition Recording: Record videos in stunning HD quality, ensuring every detail is captured with precision.
Wide-Angle Lens: Furthermore, enjoy a wide field of view, allowing you to monitor multiple lanes of traffic and peripheral surroundings.
Loop Recording: Never worry about running out of storage space. The loop recording feature automatically overwrites the oldest footage with new recordings, ensuring continuous operation.
G-Sensor Technology: In the event of a collision or sudden impact, the built-in G-sensor automatically locks the current footage, preventing it from being overwritten and preserving crucial evidence.
Night Vision: Moreover, drive safely at night or in low-light conditions with enhanced night vision capabilities, delivering clear and detailed footage even in darkness.
Parking Mode: Safeguard your vehicle while parked. The dash cam detects motion and automatically starts recording, providing added security against theft or vandalism.


Safety: Enhance your driving safety with real-time monitoring and evidence in case of accidents or incidents.
Convenience: Easy installation and intuitive operation make this dash cam a convenient addition to any vehicle.
Insurance Claims: Expedite insurance claims processes with clear and irrefutable evidence from your dash cam recordings.

Upgrade your driving experience with the Rearview Mirror Dual Channel DVR Camera Recorder Dash Cam. Stay protected, stay informed, and drive with confidence.


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