Rechargeable USB Electric Magnetic Pulse Cupping Magic Jar


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Rechargeable USB Electric Magnetic Pulse Cupping Magic Jar
Introducing the Rechargeable USB Electric Magnetic Pulse Cupping Magic Jar, a revolutionary device designed to provide targeted relief and relaxation. This innovative cupping therapy tool harnesses the power of electric magnetic pulses to stimulate acupoints and promote circulation, all in a convenient and portable form.
Product Features:

Rechargeable: Say goodbye to disposable batteries. This magic jar comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, ensuring continuous usage without the hassle of frequent replacements.
USB Powered: Easily recharge the device using any USB port, whether it’s your laptop, power bank, or wall adapter. Stay powered up wherever you go.
Electric Magnetic Pulse Technology: Experience the benefits of traditional cupping therapy enhanced with modern technology. The electric magnetic pulses penetrate deep into the muscles, relieving tension and promoting relaxation.
Adjustable Intensity Levels: Customize your therapy session with multiple intensity settings. Whether you prefer a gentle massage or a more intense treatment, this magic jar has you covered.
Compact and Portable: Moreover, designed for on-the-go use, this compact device fits easily into your bag or pocket. Take it with you to the office, gym, or while traveling for instant relief anytime, anywhere.
Easy to Use: Simply place the cupping attachment on the desired area, select your preferred intensity level, and let the magic jar work its wonders. The user-friendly design makes it suitable for beginners and experienced users alike.


Power Source: Rechargeable via USB
Electric Functionality: Provides electric stimulation for therapeutic purposes
Magnetic Pulse: Utilizes magnetic pulses for additional therapeutic effects
Cupping: Features cupping functionality for traditional therapy
Material: Made of durable, medical-grade materials
Size: Compact and portable for easy use at home or while traveling
Modes: Multiple intensity levels and pulse modes for customization
Safety: Built-in safety features to prevent overuse or misuse
Accessories: May come with interchangeable cups or additional attachments for different therapy options
User Manual: Includes detailed instructions for safe and effective use

Moreover, these specifications would provide users with a clear understanding of what the device offers and how it can be used. – 39-48


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