Spinning Wet Head Game


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Wet Head Game
Are you ready for some water-filled fun?
Take your chances with the water roulette game, Wet Head! Grab some friends,fill the Wet Head with water, strap yourself in and give it a spin.
Players can also create their own way tochallengefamily and friends!Any way you play, you might just getsoaked!

Wet Head is a family game where someone gets soaked and everyone has fun!
Players take turns wearing the helmet, spinning the spinner, and pulling the plug on the indicated number of rods sticking out of the hat.
One of the rods is holding back the water stored on top of the helmet.
Pull the wrong rod and, you’ll get drenched as your friends and family squeal in delight. If you’re the bystander, don’t laugh too hard; you could be next as you refill the top and play again.

– WET-001


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