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Super Solar Wall Light Outdoor Waterproof PIR Motion Sensor SD


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LED Solar Power Wall Light Motion Sensor Outdoor Garden Security

Introducing our solar-powered outdoor lamp that provides reliable night lighting. With its 3 working modes and easy installation, it’s perfect for illuminating your garden, courtyard, aisle, porch, courtyard or driveway.
Auto-off mode: When motion is detected, the lamp turns on in highlight mode for 30 seconds. If motion is no longer detected, it automatically turns off.
Dim mode: At night, the lamp automatically turns on in low light mode. When people approach within 10-26 feet, it switches to glare mode for 30 seconds. When motion is no longer detected, it returns to low light mode.
Constant light mode: The lamp charges during the day and turns on automatically when the solar panel detects darkness. It stays on continuously, regardless of motion detection, and its working time depends on its charge level.
Installation is easy – simply screw the product onto a wall. It’s also waterproof and heat-resistant, making it suitable for most types of weather.
The product is equipped with a 5-meter long solar panel and 128 COB lamps, which provide strong brightness. Its high-quality polysilicon solar panel has a power consumption of 1.5W and can charge the built-in 18650 lithium battery of 3.7V 1200mAh in just 6 hours during the day. The lamp has an induction distance of 5-8m/16.41-26.25ft and a brightness of 600lm.
The lamp has no switch – it plugs in and lights up automatically. Its function is also based on human body induction, making it energy-efficient.
Included in the package are the Solar Power Light, Installation Package, and Instruction Manual. Choose from 1 mode or 3 modes to fit your needs.

– LED-002


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