Tattoo Transfer Cream Gel


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Tattoo Transfer Cream Gel
1 DESIGN ROTATION: The bottom rotation button rotates the paste to the left and it will rise and can be applied to the skin (before use and dry it clean the skin). 2 Protective cover: The material is flexible and easy to use, and a protective cover is added to protect the paste. 3. Elliptical pasta: round and clear, fresh, and aromatic. 4. Non-slip design: The bottle has serrations on both sides to prevent the hand from slipping, and it can be used safely.
Size: about 5.5 * 11.5cm Weight: about 60g Material: Plant extract
How to use: (use with tattoo transfer paper) 1. Remove the second layer of transfer paper before transferring. 2. Trace the pattern to be transferred to the outline shape to transfer a clear pattern. 3. Apply transfer cream to the area where you need a tattoo and let the skin absorb it. 4. Place the sticker that needs to be transferred to the tattoo area, press gently, and remove the drawing to transfer to the skin.
Package Included: 1 x Tattoo Transfer Gel – TA-2


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