Tummy Trimmer Exercise Machine


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Tummy Trimmer Exercise Machine
Burn Off Calories and Enjoy a Firmer Stomach with a Fun, Easy-To-Use Tummy Trimmer. MULTI PURPOSE- Your search for the PERFECT PRODUCT TO FLATTEN YOUR TUMMY is now over with Tummy Trimmer.
Being versatile equipment it helps reduce tummy, tone arms, thighs, chest andburn abnormalfat. You can do 4 to 5 different exerciseswith this. STRONG GRIP- Its solid yet smooth handles give EXCELLENT GRIP and keep hands from slipping. The contoured paddles give you the RIGHT BALANCE and support while performing the workout.
The Steel Coil Spring Bar Creates Resistance On Every Pull Making You Work and Perspire More with Contoured Foot Pedals for Better Grip on Sole and Easy Grip Handles
– 35E-1


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