Wonder Arms Workout System


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Wonder Arms Workout System

Transform your arms into fabulous and firm muscles with just a few minutes a day using the Wonder Arms Workout System!
Eliminate those flabby problem areas under your arms with the breakthrough fitness sensation that truly works wonders.
Wonder Arms features a unique dynamic resistance movement that targets and tones your biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest – all at once – for results that will amaze you!
Experience the immediate tightening and toning of your muscles while burning calories without any joint strain.
Product Specifications:
Suitable for all fitness levels Achieve incredible results from the comfort of your own home Targets hard-to-work areas for a toned and tightened appearance Provides a low-impact workout with less joint strain Quick, enjoyable, and effortless!
Package Includes:
Wonder Arms Workout System Three resistance bands Workout and nutrition guide for optimal results.

– 39D-27


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