X-Type Microfiber Floor Mop


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X-Type Microfiber Floor Mop

Extra-long, easy to extend handle for cleaning hard-to-reach places in the kitchen, under the couch, up on windows.
Lightweight design for dusting and mopping under the couch and on walls.
Plastic mop handle and large strong head. Rotating 360 spin head, industrial-grade mop swivels.
Simulated artificial wringing. One hand holds the handle of the floor mop, the other hand easily pushes down the floor mop of the Lower rod to wring out.
Sliding repeatedly, the floor mop head can easily be screwed dry.


Telescopic length: 140cm
Tala size: 37 cm
Microfiber mop material: microfiber
Corrosion resistance: 10
Push dust type: Glued type
Mop bar material: stainless steel
The load capacity of the mop rod: greater than 10 kg
Dehydration rate: 90% -100%

– 29AA-62


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