45pcs Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver


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45pcs Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver
Introducing the 45pcs Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver, the ultimate tool for effortless precision in your DIY projects and home repairs. This innovative screwdriver combines power, convenience, and versatility to make your tasks easier and more efficient.

The 45-piece Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver is a versatile and efficient tool for DIY projects and repairs. Its ergonomic pistol grip design ensures easy handling, while its cordless and rechargeable feature provides convenience and mobility. It comes with two screwdriver heads, a “+ “and a “-“, and has a forward/reverse trigger switch for maximum efficiency.
Here are some additional features and specifications to help you make an informed purchase:

Ergonomic pistol grip design for comfortable use
Cordless and rechargeable for convenient use
Forward/reverse trigger switch for efficient use
Comes with 2 screwdriver heads for versatile use


Voltage: 3.6/4.8 Volts (DC)
Torque: 3 NM
Speed (No load): 180 RPM/min
AC Adapter: Input: 220-240 Volts (AC)/50Hz; Output: 5/6 Volts (DC)/300-400mA
Charging time: 3-5 hours (maximum 7 hours)
LpA: 63 dB(A)
LwA: 74 dB(A)
Vibration: 2.5 m/s²


Simply insert the bit into the chunk until it snaps into place.
Grasp the tool firmly with both hands, align the bit with the screw and press it firmly into the screw.
Start the tool by squeezing the forward/reverse trigger switch. Press the top of the switch to turn the screw forward and the bottom of the switch to reverse the screw.

The package includes the cordless screwdriver, AC adapter, 50mm screwdriver head “+”, 50mm screwdriver head “-“, and a manual for easy operation. With its excellent features and specifications, the 45-piece Cordless Rechargeable Screwdriver is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to get the job done quickly and efficiently. – 29M-58


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